Environmental labeling

Category Material Type Environmental Cde Symbol Recycling Type
Bottle1 Green glass GL 71 Glass
(Vino Rosato)
Transparent glass GL 70 Glass
Closure Cork/DIAM FOR 51 Specific waste sorting2
(for Renesio Incisa, Bricco Genestreto and large formats)
Tin TIN 42 Aluminium
(other bottles)
Polylaminated – aluminium C/ALU 90 Aluminium
Boxes Corrugated cardboard PAP 20 Paper
Wooden Case Wood FOR 50 Specific waste sorting2
1) paper label – the labels affixed to the front and back of the bottle are not subject to separate disposal from the glass bottle
2) these materials must be disposed of at waste disposal centers or in accordance with the provisions of the municipality