Now more than ever it is fundamental for everyone to play their part in the preservation of the environment, and we do it with concrete actions in our winemaking activities. We run a sustainable management of the vineyards and we almost reached the energy self-sufficiency with a photovoltaic system.


Our wines are produced with certified grapes from sustainable production, following rules of production aiming to reduce the synthesis’ chemical substances. In fact, we joined the project “VITicoltura Armoniosa”, that recommends a sustainable oriented way to manage vineyards.

Our vineyards are controlled and tracked following the guidelines of the National Quality System of Integral Production (SQNPI).

We implement plant protection using products as little as possible impactful on humans and on the environment: we choose them based on their defense’s efficiency, their affordability and their persistency. When possible, we still prefer biologic or agronomic techniques, that allow us to guarantee the least possible environmental impact. We use indeed chemical products just when strictly required and when there’s no better biologic or agronomic alternative.



Since 2020, we produce the energy required for the winery’s needs thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic system. In this way, we are contributing to the safeguard of the environment and avoiding CO2 emissions; here you can find the balance to this day:

Produced energy

Total energy
Last year’s energy
This year’s energy

Environmental benefits

Avoided CO2 emissions
Equivalent planted trees
Light bulbs potentially powered for a day

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We use corks from a controlled and sustainable industry, a choice of responsibility : with the corks we use every year we receive a certificate from the manufacturer with the calculation of the CO2 avoided thanks to our conscious choice:

Amorim Cork Certificate 2022