Favorita bottle

Langhe Favorita DOC

The Favorita variety reached the Roero region through the old salt and oil routes that have long linked Piedmont to Liguria. This grape found that the sandy soil and sun-exposed Roero region gave the ideal conditions for its harmonious growth resulting in a unique golden fruit. This variety is better known as the Vermentino or Pigato in Liguria, while in the Roero it is called in the local dialect “Furmentin”, because of the golden yellow colour of its ripe grape which is reminiscent of the colour of wheat upon harvesting.

Over time Favorita has carved itself a place of honor amongst the white wines of the Roero, but its story isn’t all that recent; some historic documents mention Favorita wine-making back in 1676, while in the 1800s it was very much appreciated as a table wine. Here in the Roero the sandy, sun-kissed hilltops have proved to provide the ideal growing conditions for this varietal. Here Favorita has found its perfect terroir, the only soil capable of limiting vegetative vigour favouring its golden grape to full ripening: the result it is a delicate and versatile wine, ideal for summertime, which we produce paying a great deal of attention to its typical features.

Grape variety: Favorita 100%

Production area: Roero, municipality of Canale, Priocca and Vezza d’Alba

Orientation: East

Altitude: 230 meters

Yield per hectare: 100 quintals

Vineyard surface: 1 hectare

Alcohol content: 12,5-13,0%

Acidity: 5,5-6,0 g/l

Bottle size: bottle (0,750 l)

First year of production: 2004

Sensory profile

Colour: bright golden yellow.

Nose: it has a velvety, floral bouquet with hints of hawthorn, peach, apricot and green apple.

Taste: lively, round and crisp, leaving a nice almondy finish on the mouth, an aroma that is best appreciated when the wine is young.

Food pairings: as an aperitif and with puff pastry snacks, mini omelettes, vegetable risottos, steamed fish and eggs, for which it is by far one of the most suitable wines.