Tamardì Langhe bottle

Langhe Bianco DOC

“Tamardì” is a rare, old Piedmontese term once used by people here to express surprise when they come across something unexpected.

Tamardì wine is in fact the result of an unusual blend between an international grape such as Sauvignon and a native one such as Arneis. In order to satisfy our curiosity on what can be achieved with the combination of these two varieties we started cultivating a small selection of Sauvignon on the Roero hills, particularly favorable to the white grape varieties, while Arneis, had already demonstrated multiple proofs of longevity. For this reason it seemed interesting to try to make an exclusive product, since the result of this experiment is a full-bodied and rich wine, able to improve over time and satisfy the most demanding palates, especially those aimed at more complex and mature white wines.

After a careful selection of the grapes and their independent wine- making (given the different aging times, which is about a week earlier for the Sauvignon), the musts obtained are then fermented in casks where they remain in contact with their own yeasts for the following six months, with gradually less frequent bâtonnages. The passage in acacia and oak woods dosed with careful balance amplifies the structure of the wine without making it too opulent. After this period of time in wood, the “Tamardì” is bottled and then left to refine in the bottle for a further 6 months before being released.

Grape variety: Sauvignon 70%, Arneis 30%

Production area: Roero, municipality of Canale

Orientation: East

Altitude: 230 meters

Yield per hectare: 90 quintals

Alcohol content: 13,0-13,5%

Acidity: 6,0 g/l

Bottle size: bottle (0,750 l)

First year of production: 1995

Sensory profile

Colour: intense straw yellow.

Nose: good intensity of aromas, ranging from the classic initial undertones of green apple and banana to its more hallmark hints of vanilla, encapsulated overall in an elegant and harmonious bouquet.

Taste: round, docile character immediately evident on entry, with fruity fullness perfectly balanced with crispness; body and substance are then expressed in a long, full, lingering finish.

Food pairings: with its full-bodied, perfumed character, it is recommended for serving with grilled shellfish, or with more simple dishes like agnolotti pasta in a butter-sage sauce.